Employers who’ve recruited for
High Tech and Top Secret Security Clearance:

Aerojet, Aerospace Corp., BAE Systems, Boeing, Ball Aerospace, General Dynamics, Hamilton Sundstrand, Hawker, Honeywell, IBM, Bell Helicopter, Bose, GE Aviation, Kawasaki Railcar, Konica Minolta, Micromedex, Go Daddy Software, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, Microsoft, Philips Medical Systems, Raytheon, Atmos Energey, Lawrence Berkely Labs, Xerox, CIA, Perot Systems, Orbital Sciences, Crane Aerospace, Defense Intelligence Agency, Storage Tek, SanDisk, Micrel Semiconductor, Cisco Systems, EMC, General Atomics, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Bowe Bell & Howell, Sony, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz Daimler, Ericsson, Nokia and many more!


2021 & 2022 Schedules

Virtual Video events are now part of the City Career Fair and Roundtables experience.  We continue to offer In Person events but many of them have been rescheduled because of the pandemic.
Please check both the Virtual Video (VV) and the In Person (IP) Schedules below for upcoming Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs.

2021 Schedule

2022 Schedule

  • Jan. 19Seattle 1 IP
  • Jan. 21Seattle 1 VV
  • Jan. 26Bay Area 1 IP
  • Jan. 28Bay Area 1 VV
  • Feb. 9Portland 1 IP
  • Feb. 11Portland 1 VV
  • Feb. 16Denver 1 IP
  • Feb. 18Denver 1 VV
  • Mar. 2Los Angeles 1 IP
  • Mar. 4Los Angeles 1 VV
  • Mar. 16Dallas IP
  • Mar. 18Dallas VV
  • Mar. 30DC / Virginia IP
  • Apr. 1DC / Virginia VV
  • Apr. 6San Francisco IP
  • Apr. 8 San Francisco VV
  • Apr. 20Chicago I IP
  • Apr. 22Chicago I VV
  • May 4Boston IP
  • May 6Boston VV
  • May 11New York IP
  • May 13New York VV
  • May 18Phoenix 1 IP
  • May 20Phoenix 1 VV
  • June 1Atlanta IP
  • June 3Atlanta VV
  • June 8Sacramento IP
  • June 10Sacramento VV
  • June 15Silicon Valley IP
  • June 17Silicon Valley VV
  • June 22West Hollywood IP
  • June 24West Hollywood VV
  • July 13Seattle 2 IP
  • July 15Seattle 2 VV
  • July 27Orange County IP
  • July 29Orange County VV
  • Aug. 3Denver 2 IP
  • Aug. 5Denver 2 VV
  • Aug. 17Portland 2 IP
  • Aug. 19Portland 2 VV