Diversity Roundtables

Prior to each Diversity Employment Day Career Fair an exclusive Diversity Roundtable or Diversity Practitioner Roundtable is hosted by the Diversity Recruiter’s Network and is sponsored by a corporate client or Professional Organization. The purpose of the Diversity Roundtable is to bring employers, community base and professional organizations, and governmental agencies together for a group discussion regarding the state of diversity and inclusion within their community.  Guest speakers from corporate, government and community augment the group discussion to create a better awareness of how to better promote and implement the best local diversity and inclusion initiatives. Networking is encouraged during the Continental Breakfast that takes place at the Roundtable.  The Diversity Spirit Achievement Awards are presented during the Roundtable. Media coverage from the Multicultural and Diverse Community as well as main stream will be present. If not in person, representatives from the Mayor, Governor or County Board are in attendance for presentation of the Proclamation for “Diversity Employment Day”.  Local representatives from the OFCCP and EEOC regularly attend to share updates and host a dynamic Questions and Answers Period.

Audience – Exclusive – Employers, Professional and Community Based Organizations Leadership, Local Municipal, State and Federal Agencies, Mayors, Governors and County Board Offices, and the Media

Sponsorships of these unique B2B opportunities are available on a local or national basis.


2021 Schedule

Virtual Video events are now part of the City Career Fair and Roundtables experience.  We continue to offer In Person events but many of them have been rescheduled because of the pandemic.
Please check both the Virtual Video (VV) and the In Person (IP) Schedules below for upcoming Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs.

2021 Schedule