Diversity Pavilions

Many of our Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs include one or more Industry & Candidate Specific Pavilions co-located within the career fair venue. These featured Pavilions add additional and enhanced focus upon multicultural and diverse candidates within a specific industry or candidate qualification. This unique recruitment event platform creates a greater synergy due to the local grouping of industry specific employers. Thusly, the most qualified candidates are now greatly attracted and basically self-compelled to justify the opportunity to interview with a relevant industry specific grouping of employers. Many of our Pavilions are city and industry specific. The cities with the greatest concentration of industry professionals typically yield the highest recruitment rate. For example we have a High Tech and Diversity Pavilion co-located within our Silicon Valley (Santa Clara/San Jose, CA) Diversity Employment Day Career Fair. Likewise, we co-locate our Government Top Secret/ Security Clearance and Diversity Pavilion within our Metro Washington, DC DED Career Fair for the greatest potential yield of qualified candidates.