Professional & Community Based Organizations Pavilion 

This Pavilion gives a presence to local and National Professional  & Community Based Organizations which are comprised of local members and leadership from the  Multicultural and Diverse Community. The goal of this Pavilion is share a greater awareness of the immense l resources and services that are available for employers  within the local Multicultural and Diverse Community.  Often present and represented here are local agencies and officials from the Municipal, State and Federal  levels. Local Media from the Multicultural and Diverse Community including Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Online, and more are represented here as well.

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Participants have included:

National Association of Women MBA, National Association of Asian American Professionals, National Society of Hispanic MBAs,  Urban League, Society of Women Engineers, Deaf Community Services, National Black MBA Association, United Indians of All Tribes, Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Rehabilitation Services, Professional Women of Color Network,  Association of Latin Americans in Finance and Accounting, Women in Technology International, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Mayors Office on Civil Rights, Office of Federal Contract and Compliance Programs,  Diversity Recruiters Network, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Equality,  National Association of Professional Women, Indian Center, Comprehensive Center for Developmental Disabilities, Upwardly Global, Goodwill Industries, Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Diversity Council, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Job Corps, Project Hired, Black Data Processing Associates, Asian Human Services, Department of Employment and Economic Development, National Association of Black Accountants, Chinese Newcomers, Women’s Initiative, Catholic Charities,  Department of Veteran Affairs, Gay & Lesbian Center, Asian Rehabilitation Service, Society of Hispanic  Professional Engineers, Jewish Vocational Services – Disability and Assessment Services,  Network of Indian Professionals,  Employment Development Department,  American Indians in Science and Engineering, Council of Black Professional Engineers, Black Nurses Association, and many more.

2022 Schedule

  • Jan. 19Seattle 1 IP
  • Jan. 21Seattle 1 VV
  • Jan. 26Bay Area 1 IP
  • Jan. 28Bay Area 1 VV
  • Feb. 9Portland 1 IP
  • Feb. 11Portland 1 VV
  • Feb. 16Denver 1 IP
  • Feb. 18Denver 1 VV
  • Mar. 2Los Angeles 1 IP
  • Mar. 4Los Angeles 1 VV
  • Mar. 16Dallas IP
  • Mar. 18Dallas VV
  • Mar. 30DC / Virginia IP
  • Apr. 1DC / Virginia VV
  • Apr. 6San Francisco IP
  • Apr. 8 San Francisco VV
  • Apr. 20Chicago I IP
  • Apr. 22Chicago I VV
  • May 4Boston IP
  • May 6Boston VV
  • May 11New York IP
  • May 13New York VV
  • May 18Phoenix 1 IP
  • May 20Phoenix 1 VV
  • June 1Atlanta IP
  • June 3Atlanta VV
  • June 8Sacramento IP
  • June 10Sacramento VV
  • June 15Silicon Valley IP
  • June 17Silicon Valley VV
  • June 22West Hollywood IP
  • June 24West Hollywood VV
  • July 13Seattle 2 IP
  • July 15Seattle 2 VV
  • July 27Orange County IP
  • July 29Orange County VV
  • Aug. 3Denver 2 IP
  • Aug. 5Denver 2 VV
  • Aug. 17Portland 2 IP
  • Aug. 19Portland 2 VV