Employer Career Board

When you are signed-in the table will show the current positions you have available.

The column headings include:

Title – Current Job Title.  If you hover over a Job Title you have the option to edit all details, mark filled, duplicate or delete.  If you click on the Job Title you will see the candidate view of the job listing.

Filled? – If the job is currently filled.

Date Posted – The date the job was originally posted.

Closing Date – This is the deadline for new applicants. The listing will end automatically after this date. This date is optional.

Listing Expires – This date indicates when the job will stop being listed.

Applications – Indicates the number of current applications for this job. If you click on the highlighted number you will be taken to the page that indicates each applicant.  On that page you can view the applicants details, view any attached documents, email the candidate, make notes and edit the applicant’s status and rating.  You also have the options to download a CSV file for all of the current applicants.


2020 & 2021 Schedule

Virtual Video events are now part of the City Career Fair and Roundtables experience.  We continue to offer In Person events but many of them have been rescheduled because of the pandemic.
Please check both the Virtual Video and the In Person Schedules below for upcoming Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs.


2020 Virtual Video Schedule

VV = Virtual Video

2021 Virtual Video Schedule

  • January 8 • West Hollywood VV
  • January 15 • Silicon Valley VV
  • January 22 • San Francisco VV
  • January 29 • Seattle 2 VV
  • April 30 • Chicago 1 VV
  • September 11 • Chicago 2 VV


2020 In Person Schedule

IP = In Person

2021 In Person Schedule